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Sullivan University

Sullivan University

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Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology

Sullivan University's computer science programs are designed to allow students to quickly gain employable skills for positions in Information Technology. For students looking to quickly gain employable skills leading to an entry-level position within Information Technology, Sullivan offers a one-year Information Technology Diploma program. Areas covered include business software applications, networking technology, hardware and OS troubleshooting, program design, website design and database design. 

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.S.I.T.) prepares students for a career in information technology with the communication skills, critical thinking skills and technical competencies required in the modern workplace. This degree program includes a strong technical foundation in proficiency in web design, programming languages, systems analyst and design, operating systems, project management, and application software for business solutions. The B.S.I.T. degree offers career concentrations in the area of: Database Design and Administration, Network Support and Administration, Security Design and Administration, System Design and Application Programming, and System Support and Administration.

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Sullivan University

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